Process Piping 5/Fab

Process Piping

Pipework is used to transport materials used in industrial processes and manufacturing. It is specially designed for particular applications to ensure that it will meet health and safety standards, in addition to suiting the needs of a given manufacturing process.



The production of retrofit parts is necessary in manufacture when the design of a large assembly is changed or revised. If, after the changes have been implemented, a customer (with an old version of the product) wishes to purchase a replacement part then retrofit parts and assembling techniques will have to be used so that the revised parts will fit suitably onto the older assembly.

Structural steel

Structural Steel

Structural steel is a category of steel used as a construction material for making structural steel shapes. A structural steel shape is a profile, formed with a specific cross section and following certain standards

Rail car platforms/Fabrication


The railing systems are designed to reduce the difficulty of installing and repairing platform handrail systems and other safety barriers while maintaining regulatory compliance. Construction requires only simple hand tools for installation, delivering time and labor savings as compared to traditional welded railings.

confine space

Industrial Repairs

Principally retrofitting describes the measures taken in the manufacturing industry to allow new or updated parts to be fitted to old or outdated assemblies (like blades to wind turbines).

Fall protection

Fall Protection

For harsh working environments, the full body harness should be constructed of durable, comfortable synthetic fibers such as polyester, for acidic environments, or nylon, for caustic environments. Sub-pelvic support straps on the full body harness provide comfort to workers during prolonged suspension.




  1. Truck and rail car platform
  2. Process piping small to large
  3. Boilers and chillers
  4. Steam hot oil process
  5. Tank and pressure
  6. Vessel Modification and install
  7. Industrial Maintenance and Repairs
  8.  Equipment installation
  9. Guard installation
  10. Structural steel erection
  11. Retrofits
  12. Rigging
  13. Plumbing
  14. Confine space
  15. Construction of bulk storage facilities
  16. Reactor installation
  17. Facility improvements and projects and additions
  18. Civil


  1.   Truck and Rail car platforms
  2.    Pipe skids
  3.    Spooling and pipe spooling
  4.    Industrial ducts and hoppers
  5.    Structural steel and platforms
  6.    Equipment guard
  7.     Custom Fabrications and welding
  8.    Stairs
Trailer skid fab


  1.   Guardrail system
  2.    Fall restricting system
  3.    Anchor points


Fall protection